How the Elephant Feels

Thunder feet and iv’ry tusks Tethered to the ground Swaying his trunk back forth In a perfect circle, he was clearly bound Instinct, it did shout to him, “You must go walking on!” But the circus and its patrons Were his family and home Some felt good to see him Some even felt endeared Others […]

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Past Where the Briars Grow

I heard the faintest whisper Past where the briars grow Woven ’round the thickets, Where it is not wise to go And I counted ‘pon my fingers (Callused from battles long away) The notes I heard from over The forest’s sharp-toothed gate I can’t recall the words (If any had e’er passed) But so well […]

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Update as of 07/13/2018

Hello all, two quick updates: 07/11/2018 — about some time I spent recently in a therapeutic setting, specifically regarding art therapy (and that it’s not necessarily the right time to critique the drawings themselves) and my passive aggressive way of doing something a bit different– this can be found under Web-Logs. 07/13/2018 — added a […]

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Father Flood

Father Flood The Papers preached a sudden deluge! A judgment on the land! But we lived our life as always Catching raindrops in our hands “Surely, it has rained before,” Said my Father with a smile. “I’ll cook us up a special meal, “Let’s enjoy it for a while” The scent of cooking and smokey […]

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Updates as of July 11, 2018

    Good Morning or Evening, wherever you may be. Apologies for the lack of recent updates, but I found myself laid up in the hospital for about a week and a half, so I tried to catch up with content. Added today: Prose Poem: The Tempest Charmer Chapters Five through Seven of The Crown […]

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The Crown of Fools- Chapter Six

    Chapter Six After crossing the bridge, ears still ringing with his grandfather’s words, he entered what could only be described as a path, thick with impenetrable, ancient trees and pricker bushes- clearly, whatever or whoever had lain this particular landscape meant for the would-be-interloper to have to go in a straight line. The […]

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The Crown Of Fools- Chapter Five

    Chapter Five It was almost noon when Petka arose, and the light piercing the canopy above provided a warm, bright day– perfect for travel. Petka shouldered his pack and great-bow. The bow was nearly as tall as Petka himself, at about five feet, six inches high, and he could quickly nock and fire […]

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The Tempest Charmer

The Tempest Charmer What is to say of Bluebird Heights? ‘Twas once a proud, majestic town Three fisheries and a lovely beach Restaurants, shops, and surf abound People from each and every corner– Yes folks from all around Flocked to grand ol’ Bluebird Heights To breathe in deep the ocean sounds But this tiny island’s […]

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