Updates as of July 22, 2018 New Book on Amazon

Updates as of July, 22nd 2018: The Crown of Fools, Chapter 12 (As the chapters get longer, I will only post one every two days) Also: I self published a book of poetry on Amazon. It includes the three prose poems here. https://www.amazon.com/Verse-Small-Sanctuary-Tommy-Atkins/dp/1722931027/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1532270712&sr=8-4&keywords=small+sanctuary   Amazon sets the price, so I apologize if it seems high– […]

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Past Where the Briars Grow

I heard the faintest whisper Past where the briars grow Woven ’round the thickets, Where it is not wise to go And I counted ‘pon my fingers (Callused from battles long away) The notes I heard from over The forest’s sharp-toothed gate I can’t recall the words (If any had e’er passed) But so well […]

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Update as of 07/13/2018

Hello all, two quick updates: 07/11/2018 — about some time I spent recently in a therapeutic setting, specifically regarding art therapy (and that it’s not necessarily the right time to critique the drawings themselves) and my passive aggressive way of doing something a bit different– this can be found under Web-Logs. 07/13/2018 — added a […]

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Father Flood

Father Flood The Papers preached a sudden deluge! A judgment on the land! But we lived our life as always Catching raindrops in our hands “Surely, it has rained before,” Said my Father with a smile. “I’ll cook us up a special meal, “Let’s enjoy it for a while” The scent of cooking and smokey […]

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Updates as of July 11, 2018

    Good Morning or Evening, wherever you may be. Apologies for the lack of recent updates, but I found myself laid up in the hospital for about a week and a half, so I tried to catch up with content. Added today: Prose Poem: The Tempest Charmer Chapters Five through Seven of The Crown […]

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The Crown of Fools- Chapter Six

    Chapter Six After crossing the bridge, ears still ringing with his grandfather’s words, he entered what could only be described as a path, thick with impenetrable, ancient trees and pricker bushes- clearly, whatever or whoever had lain this particular landscape meant for the would-be-interloper to have to go in a straight line. The […]

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The Crown Of Fools- Chapter Five

    Chapter Five It was almost noon when Petka arose, and the light piercing the canopy above provided a warm, bright day– perfect for travel. Petka shouldered his pack and great-bow. The bow was nearly as tall as Petka himself, at about five feet, six inches high, and he could quickly nock and fire […]

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