Fool’s Estate

I stumbled upon this little Drinking Song in a small, brightly lit pub about two days walk from the coast. The village I had wandered into seemed entirely asleep, until I saw the beacon of light shining on the broad main, cobblestone path (street is too large a word). The beacon, of course, was the […]

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Companion Guide to Anondendron

There’s a place I’ve visited… The place is Anondendron; it is not gone, but elsewhere. It seems real enough in my memories at least, a bit when I am in the bitter cold because that’s where my feet first met the land, and I warmed my numbed fingers against the grate of a meager hearth. […]

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Updates as of July 26, 2018

Three new pieces of content: The Crown of Fools, Chapters 14 and 15– these go into Finnen’s backstory and how he became the Chaotically good person we meet. Chapter 14 is very short, which is why it shares a post. The Reading- A poem from the Verse of Small Sanctuary, with a question for the […]

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Updates as of July 22, 2018 New Book on Amazon

Updates as of July, 22nd 2018: The Crown of Fools, Chapter 12 (As the chapters get longer, I will only post one every two days) Also: I self published a book of poetry on Amazon. It includes the three prose poems here.   Amazon sets the price, so I apologize if it seems high– […]

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The Crown of Fools Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten Petka never quite saw “red”- he usually had no reason to be that angry. At time perhaps annoyed, frustrated, miffed- you get the idea– maybe it was the numerous, stinging gnome-wounds, or the lasting and well-nigh nauseating imagine of the matriarchal Over-Gnome, and her bare-rumped kin, but Petka felt like he would very […]

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The Crown of Fools Chapter Eight

  Chapter Eight Another Bridge, another “Cry” so to speak, as he was beginning to sense a somewhat comical, speed-of-sound entropy in the originally “classic” adventure he had initially become so enthralled with. It was Chaim’s words that really hammered this thought home- the line between the sublime and ridiculous did not fall slowly, like […]

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