The Crown of Fools, Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen “Long ago, before ‘Peace Cry’ territory even existed, there was an enormous and highly developed civilization-“The Split City” as it was known. It was surely something to behold- all towering spires, bound to each other by bridges– and somehow they took a slice of ocean, and placed it just below the tallest apartments, […]

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The Crown of Fools Chapter Nine

  Chapter Nine “What.” replied a flat voice, annoyed as if awakened from a deep slumber– the low grumble sounded rather surely and dismissive. The voice came from a somewhat crystalline boulder, enormous at about nine foot high, which was certainly tall enough to cast a shadow over Petka and make him feel rather small […]

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How the Elephant Feels

Thunder feet and iv’ry tusks Tethered to the ground Swaying his trunk back forth In a perfect circle, he was clearly bound Instinct, it did shout to him, “You must go walking on!” But the circus and its patrons Were his family and home Some felt good to see him Some even felt endeared Others […]

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