Small Sanctuary

Update: Updates about….um….updates: Instead of making a daily update log, I will only post under the updates heading if something special occurs;  I will continue to post each day without the extra post regarding I’ve posted something. Ouch. 

Poetry, Prose, and Photography by Tommy R. Atkins.

Greetings and thanks for stopping by.

Please use the menu to the right to browse my various work:

Poetry: Contains all Verse and Prose Poems I have written thus far. Please note– If there are any budding artists out there, I would love to see your work if anything I’ve written resonates with you, especially the prose poems. 

Prose: Will contain new short stories as I come to write them.

The Crown of Fools: This is my first novel which I completed last spring. I will have the first three chapters up for your enjoyment, and will continue to post chapters at regular intervals.

Madhouse Musings is a current project in verse dedicated to the one and only Rudyard Kipling. The language is meant to be reminiscent of Kipling’s Barrack Room Ballads, and the concept was conceived in while I convalesced in a mental health clinic where, for a solid week, the Ballads were the only actual reading material I had access to. The pocket-sized book with its yellowing pages and advanced age quite literally disintegrated as I read and re-read the verse within.

In Web-Logs I opine on various topics, though since the advent of my illness, I have taken a general a general dislike to the media cycle, so topics would tend to be more theological and philosophical– in other words, just as insufferable as politicking, just on a different level.

Finally, the Music tab contains a link to my SoundCloud page containing the demo to an album where, once upon a time, I pursued music with a fairly healthy vigor. But that’s all shoved behind me, long ago, and far away.

Thanks to everybody who has taken the time to stop and look around I have written and plan to publish a podcast based on a malignantly narcissistic ocean mammal’s adventures in modern day New York, so any new voice-over talent (or anybody who wishes to give it a go, experience isn’t necessary) who may want to get their feet wet, please reach out and I will send you the script. The protagonist fancies himself a high-class British Gentleman, though I am sure I can find a spot for anybody who wants to be involved.

Tommy R. Atkins

All writing and music on this site is copyright, Tommy R. Atkins.

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